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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure….It's a good idea to have a few basic tools handy to keep nuts and bolts snug on your chair. The primary tools needed are:

bullet A set of allen wrenchesallen wrench
allen wrenches
bullet A medium size adjustable end wrenchadjustable end wrench
adjustable end wrench
or a set of socketssockets
bullet A philipsphillips
head screw driver, and
bullet A spoke wrenchspoke wrench
spoke wrench
, (if you have spoke wheels).

bullet   It's a good idea to make it part of your routine to check the nuts and bolts on your chair once a month to make sure they have not been worked loose by the vibration normal to everyday use of mobility equipment.

bullet   If your child has gotten too big for his pants… then he's probably too big for his chair too, and it's time for some adjustments. As a rule of thumb, the seating system needs to be adjusted every time your child changes clothing size. The parts of the seating system are designed to be moved around to allow the chair to continue to fit a child for 3 to 5 years.

bullet   Don't wait until the belts are showing… You wouldn't drive your car on bald tires - the same is true for your wheelchair. If you notice the tread is gone from the wheels of your chair, the performance of your equipment has been compromised by reduced traction which can cause the chair not to roll straight. Take the time to have the tires changed before you get to that point.

bullet   If it doesn't feel right, sound right or act right… it's probably not right. The person using the chair is usually the first one to know when something is wrong. Don't ignore a change in the operation of your chair, power or manual, it could be a sign that it needs to be repaired. Call The Wheelchair Shop, Inc. and let us help you solve the problem before you get stranded somewhere; many small problems can be resolved over the phone.

bullet   We often hear:
"But you don't understand, my child/wife/husband/mother/father/or whoever is in a wheelchair…" Yes, we do understand! All of our client's are dependent upon their equipment to go about their daily routines. In that respect, we're kind of like a doctor's office- you need to make an appointment. When you need our services, we will try to get you in as soon as possible. We focus on one client at a time and will extend that same attention to you when you're here.

bullet   What do you do when you come to a fork in the road?… Go around it! It's best to avoid potential problems by not taking chances. Small objects, breaks in the side walk and, believe it or not, high temperatures are some of the most common causes of flats. High pressure pneumatic tires can burst in intense heat, especially when left in the car on a hot day.

bullet   Don't get caught in the rain without… a plastic bag. One of the best ways to avoid getting moisture in your joystick box that can cause electrical problems, is to carry a plastic bag and slip it loosely over the joystick box when it has the potential to get wet. You can still drive the chair without being able to see the joystick box itself. If it does get wet, dry it off as soon as possible; if it doesn't act right, please call our office. This applies even if it was coffee, cola or some other foreign substance that came in contact with the electronics of the chair.

bullet   Watch out for deep water… Driving a power wheelchair through deep water, or hosing it off in the back yard is not recommended. There are electrical and mechanical parts of the chair that can be damaged by moisture. Please be aware that this type of repair is not covered by warranty.

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